Let’s Talk About Japanese/Korean Idols and that No Dating Rule (Let’s Throw in Western Idols Too)

There were different companies before called B3, at least DSP used to be but they fell out due to constant failures. I may rag on how some of the companies are behaving now and behaved in the past, but they did create groups that paved the way for Kpop and have some of the most iconic groups of all time. Got to give em that. Those groups that I listed were the groups that got me into Kpop initially. During the golden years, I may not have fucked with all the groups but I liked Kpop in general and the whole crew and everything felt special. The shine has worn off, the longer people know about kpop the more disenchanted they become with the subgenre.

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Amber is actually having a bit bad relationship with a member of SNSD. Krystal is indeed a very moody and a bit spoiled girl. The government knows exactly how big is the contribution SM made for Korea economy and culture. A very humble person and very lovely. Report this User Overall, she told me that EXO still have a loooonngggg way to have a good relationship between them. His friends came to the show and she can see KHJ is just as normal as his friends.

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Dating rumors of EXO D. Former EXO member Luhan just recently debuted in China and already released his first album grant tinker relationships dating plus two music videos. Some of the comments below asked about their Instagram posts which being identical to each other.

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David Volodzko Apr 27, Korean pop music has a problem. Male stars are certainly exploited, too. But female artists suffer heavy double standards, especially when it comes to pay and their personal lives. From then until the early s, the nascent genre entered the Japanese and Southeast Asian markets. In , the record label S. To be sure, many of its vapid songs are intentionally light on lyrics — catchiness is king.

J-pop and C-pop are hardly better, while American hip-hop is arguably worse. The difference is, when J. But when it comes to their Korean counterparts, talent is optional. Physical beauty is everything.

Double Take: Suzy and Park Shin Hye Look Like Twins at Separate CF Events this Week

Tapi minta tolong dengan ancaman handphone Sekretaris Oh yang dulu pernah ia sita. Rupanya nomor telepon yang disimpan oleh Sekretaris Oh itu menarik. Dengan mudah Sekretaris Oh meraih handphone itu, tapi itu karena Jung Hoo membiarkannya, agar ia diam-diam bisa menaruh recorder ke saku jas Sekretaris Oh.

Jan 27,  · Pre Debut Son un grupo llamado Bangtan Boys dados a conocer en el La agencia estuvo buscando desde un grupo masculino basado en el Hip-Hop.

Purple writing is the intro, conclusion and the categories. Its marketing has been so successful that Forbes has called it the company that made kpop. SM is actually pretty good with media play. The only problem is that since they have such a horrible reputation as a company think JYJ, Hangeng, Jessica, Kris, Luhan,Tao, etc no one really believes them. Their biggest flaw, however lies in their marketing. They place too much emphasis on having overly formulated groups and calculated promotions, though you can argue that they are their greatest weakness since many people dislike SM for freely using their money and resources.

For example people like to hate a SM group just because they are from SM, saying that they are only relevant because they are from SM. Kai is the prime example of the latter. Exo had 23 pre-debut teasers and Kai was in over half of them, getting many solo teasers. Another thing is that for girl group after YG debut a new girl group and they get really big they just give up on their previous girl group, like 2ne1 to Blackpink.

Marketing wise YG sell a lot of merch for group, but only group YG like and are really big. While twice has debut 1 year more but when they were on their first year, they had at least 1 album. Promotion wise they will promote boy group more than girl groups, as YG favour boy group more than girl group. They will start to promote more once the group becomes bigger and when YG know that they are going to be successful.

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Kupikir kejadian itu adalah halusinasi. Tapi aku merasa kalau aku benar-benar bisa melihatnya. Tidak, aku memang melihatnya.

01KR.A Frozen Flower 02KR.A Good Day To Have An Affair 03KR.A Good Lawyers Wife 04KR.A Night On The Water () 05KR.A Tale Of Legendary Libido

Dari dulu sampai sekarang gue belum berubah. Masih tetep jadi manusia Fandom gue, fandom 3 huruf. Sekarang jamannnya overdose Kan ada desas desus bahwa lirik lagu mama mengandung unsur illuminati. Tapi setelah gue ubek ubek Google, ternyata gk mengandung unsur illuminati! Tidak peduli, tidak peduli. Lepaskan yang tidak dikenal, tidak dikenal Heartless, mindless. Tanpa hati, tanpa pikiran.

Siapa yang peduli padaku? Kehilangan akal sehat, siapa yang peduli padaku? Bahkan dengan mata tertutup aku tidak bisa menerima ini semua.

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The original rule was that anyone who has released a single may participate, but there are some trainees and actors in the mix. After the audition, contestants will carry out missions in units of nine. By the end of the show, there will be two temporary groups:

Sep 19,  · Please tell me that I’m not the only one who did major double takes at the pictures of Park Shin Hye and Suzy attending separate brand CF events this week in Seoul looking like twins from head to toe. Like, seriously from the first strand of hair on .

Selain Boys Before Flowers dia juga pernah membintangi beberapa serial meskipun hanya sebagai cameo seperti dalam serial Spotlight, Hotelier, Can Love be Refilled? Kim Hyun joong juga merupakan leader dari boyband SS Kim Hyun Joong gaya rambut. Banyak orang ingin membuat model tambut Gaya rambut Kim Hyun Joong sangat cocok untuknya dengan gaya dan kepribadiannya sebagai Baca selengkapnya di sini. Temukan berita terbaru tentang model a rambut pria cowok korea kim hyun joong hairstyles dan baca juga artikel lainnya yang terkait dengan model a rambut Dapatkan berita terbaru tentang trend gaya model rambut kim jae joong hairstyle,

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Although Park wanted to pursue a career in music, her parents would not allow her to. However, with encouragement from her aunt, she transferred to Berklee College of Music without their knowledge. Early career[ edit ] Park returned to Korea to pursue a music career there and repeatedly auditioned to join YG Entertainment , where she was accepted into the company after three years of auditioning.

She has also appeared in a series of promotional music videos for Samsung Anycall of the same name, alongside Lee Hyori , G-Dragon , and Gummy. The group achieved significant success with the number-one single ” I Don’t Care ” from their first extended play, 2NE1 , which won them the Song of the Year award at the Mnet Asian Music Awards, making them the first rookie group to win a daesang in the same year of debut. In August , after finishing promotions for their debut single “I Don’t Care”, the members of 2NE1 took a break to focus on individual activities.


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She changed her stance when she found out T. P has agreed to join the project. The mic was properly returned by fans shortly after. There are several accounts in different events where she was seen scolding her manager for being too rough with fans. Normally 2NE1 would quietly get on their vans and give autographs from there or chat with the fans for a little bit but at that time, they ran.

Apr 06,  · ppl keep askin “why suju is still famous/active/has fans even tho some members are problematic” probably cuz everybody in suju’s careers shouldnt have 2 end bc of their other members.

I got carried away. Also, for the record, I am completely opposed to the “no dating” rule for idols. Probably didn’t seem that way in the blog though. We all heard about it. Even among us fans, it caused controversy. There were a lot of fights. Some wanted to berate Minami and support the no dating rule and others like me were supporting Minami and speaking out against the no dating rule. Japan will be under heavy focus since I know the Japanese music industry the best.

When it comes to how the countries and foreigners of course perceive their idols, fan of Japanese music and fans of Korean music see them in very similar ways. J-idols and K-idols are treated very similarly. What the clause says actually is that idols cannot be caught dating. A J-idol and a K-idol can both date, but they must keep it a secret.

If they are found out, that is when they have violated their contract. That is when they have done “wrong” No one can know.

All Of SHINee Members Reveal They Have Already Re-signed With SM Entertainment

Apa Tan benar-benar pergi dari rumah? Tan merasa tak bisa berbuat apa-apa karena diusir. Tapi Eun Sang berkata kalau orang tua seperti itu, tandanya kita sebagai anak harus berlutut dan minta maaf. Berikan aku minum, aku haus. Nanti kau akan membayarnya.


CNN — Fans of K-pop superstar Kim Jong-hyun are expressing their grief at the loss of the year-old singer who died Monday in an apparent suicide at a studio apartment in the Gangnam district of Seoul. Better known as Jonghyun, Kim’s death was confirmed by his management company, SM Entertainment, which said: SHINee’s Jonghyun left us suddenly. Monday, reportedly after receiving troubling text messages from him. Inside the room police said they found burned charcoal briquettes; burning charcoal in an enclosed space is a form of suicide in many Asian countries.

Jonghyun was rushed to a nearby university hospital but was declared dead later that evening, SM Entertainment said in the statement. Earlier this year, the group went on a world tour that took in the US and released their fifth album, titled Five. Jonghyun had performed as a solo artist as recently as this month. Fans were invited to pay their respects at Seoul Asan Hospital Tuesday, ahead of a funeral which the family has requested to be held “as quietly as possible,” according to SM Entertainment.

Two weeks before his death, Jonghyun sent a line text to his friend, Jang Hee-yeon, a fellow musician from the band Dear Cloud, who goes by the name Nine9, with the request to post it to social media “if he disappears from the world.

The reason why YG was so mad at the love scandal between BLACKPINK’s Jennie and Teddy

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